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Are you a creative spiritual Coach, Healer, Author, Artist, Singer, Actor, Dancer, Designer or Photographer? Or simply someone who is ready to have ignited what goes way beyond full potential, namely endless potential?Are you interested in leaving the “what is possible and what isn’t possible“ world, the ordinary realm, are you open to let all the labels, boxes and definitions about creativity, you, your job and your being behind you? Are you ready to jump fully into the unknown?

Do you deeply feel that there is so much more creativity and innovation possible in your life, work, and art? Do you feel there are products, services, and methods that only you are able to invent? Do you feel that simply combining existing concepts is not enough? Do you feel the desire for way more than that?

Start to become brave, start to believe in your creativity more than in anybody else’s techniques or methods.

When you’re thirsty for extraterrestrial inspiration and you want to learn what “behind your wildest dreams” really means — then you need to know what my genius is about.

I’m Theresa Roeschmann M.A. (univ.), Cosmic Mother & Cosmic DNA Reconnector, Published Author (in Germany), Singer, Coach, Founder of the „your way philosophy“ and University Lecturer for Creativity/Innovations, Transformational & Personal Development, Marketing & PR.

My Mission is to FOREVER change your definition of how creative you are, how creative you can be, and transform your identiy regarding your areas of creativity. I will activate in my „Cosmic DNA Reconnection“ a cosmic fertility that is able to bear raw, colorful, magical innovations that change your life, and the life of your clients forever. I activate your Master Level and you will receive your master key codes. This kinds of innovative, juicy techniques and tools I give birth to are REAL unique cutting edge fun.

Theresa’s Genius Code Activation ignited an exponential level of creativity within my being that is hard to put into words. I cannot express how powerful, activating, and magical working with her has been – this session set me on the path of my true purpose beyond what I could imagine, I am so grateful!!! I have always been artistic and successful (at most things I decide to create) but I was stuck in my business and could not for the life of me, figure out how to articulate the next project I was conjuring up. I was afraid to step into the vision of my true genius work and kept dancing around the edges of it feeling frustrated. Theresa saw exactly who I was, what my gifts were, and gave me a framework to share and express my magic by CONNECTING my with my genius. It is a true activation and I cannot recommend her work enough! Theresa is a true innovator and an absolute Wizard of Earth.

Tia Harrison Holmes

Biz Wizard, Creation Coach & Brand Temples Designs

I wanted to stand out from the crowd. Writing texts that sound different and inspire my managers, colleagues and employees. Since the activation I feel an extended, more beautiful and bigger Self. My mouth is still open, considering all the practical help during the session. I now know how to act more coherently in many situations. Every time something upsets me, when I don’t have an idea or just get tired, I connect to the codes on my board and listen to the song. I feel new power immediately. This bridge is better and more magical than anything I’ve tried before. I become more attractive and magnetic in my whole energy and that is amazing. Theresa, thank you! You are a magican and a great inventor. Long live the new simplicity!
Alexandra Lindner

Leader Internal Communications

Theresa is a goddess magician! She masterfully tapped so deeply into my soul and behind and activated my true essence and creative genius. I’ve never felt so “seen” by a coach before. Since our powerful session I have stepped more fully into my genius. It has impacted how I show up and communicate in every single relationship in my life… especially the relationship I have with myself. It feels amazing to finally be my true self. I highly recommended working with Theresa in this deep and transformative container!
Melissa West

Author, Coach, Founder & Chief Catalyst

Creative Genius Activation

The power, the transformation, and the results are not able to be described in words. Nobody has words after the activation because it is astonishingly breathtaking and magical. You are able to exist in a completely different frequency, which is your creative genius frequency.

My genius is to see and feel your creative genius frequency and translate that into cosmic fertility codes (pictures, words, and sound frequencies). This makes it possible for you to feel and experience that as well.

I translate it in your unique, individual tailored cosmic Archetypen and reconnect you with the creative source itself. The „creative source“ represents the raw creative source of everything – the universe – where so much exists we are not able to imagine. The „cosmic archetype“ is One’s unique and individual creative identity, different to anyone else in this world and helps you step fully into the power of your creativity.

When you’re activated, it feels like coming home. But the difference is, you’ve never been there before, and yet you feel safe and welcomed. 

Every piece of the work I’m doing, every tool and technique I use, is my own magic and innovation. It doesn’t exists anywhere else in the world.

So what happens when you get activated?

1. We connect you with the „creative source“. From that moment on raw creative ideas, texts, and other innovative input flows through you.

2. You will be gifted by your individual and unique „Cosmic DNA“ learn how your frequency feels like, and you will receive a powerful energetic idea, your „Signature Session“, construct about your creative identity. 

3. You get the power and the fun to launch, create, or sell something completely new, or something with completely new ideas.

4. You will be given a creative genius code board (pdf), and a customized, recorded song that I sing especially for you. These kind of cosmic bridges help you get into your creative genius flow, every time you’re stuck.

5. You will have a 90 Minute Creative Genius Work-Session with myself. Coaching is not the right word for the magic that will REALLY happen. It’s the deepest deep work you’re ever done. 

6. 8 days Voxer-Coaching included.

This Activation is a real Innovation! I am the only person around the world who offers this. I also have the most fun and joy when I help you create magic like this!!!

Price: 3.000 Euros 

You need more information? Please read all the testimonials. To get in touch with me, use the button below. Additionally, I invite you to my Facebookgroup:

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See you soon!
Milky Way embrace!

I’d never realized until my session with Theresa that this genius living inside me had direct access to SO many bridges  into my real life creations.  Before this powerful activation, I had simply not been able to see these bridges, let alone cross them.
I recognized the power of spoken and unspoken language as it relates to my own ability to express, experience and touch into the energy of myself and others BEYOND imagination.  For the first time in my life I grasped that my MAGIC is generative, and no different than breathing.
By leading me through release after release, Theresa guided me to access dormant energy – it was like experiencing one energetic explosion after another. She expertly guided me to pull through my own innate codes and literally design my own process for shifting energy in an instant.
The code board and music she pre-selected for me reflected the exact subtleties and images of my experience during our time together and brought me home to myself. They'll be something that I use from now on to anchor into this 'home' when I need to.
Since our session I’ve had crystal clarity about my genius, and what previously felt disjointed now feels so natural to me. Finally! I’m launching my Intuitive Marketing Advantage program on the heels of this amazing work with Theresa!
Julie Veitch

Intuitive Business Mentor

The activation of the Creative Genius is so indescribable magic. I’m still completely enchanted and I would love to hang my code board around my neck, so much I adore it and so much it's a "coming home" for me. I had tears in my eyes as I saw it the first time. The song is also incredibly magical, wonderful, it touches my heart and soul in a deep way.

The 90 minutes with Theresa were just WOW... I can't put it in words how much has moved since then... and it still flows so much in lightness and magic. I am sooo grateful.

And what I got from Theresa, what ONLY I can achieve, that makes me so indescribably happy, I started immediately to work with it. It’s so much me. My passion and enthusiasm is totally inflamed, and I would like to create it incessantly. With all my heart and soul I recommend this activation to every soul. Use it, it will take you into completely different, wonderful dimensions. Theresa, I thank you and myself sooo much that I literally jumped over my shadow and booked your magical and ingenious activation.

Nicole Fibel

Author & Master Energeticer

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